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Marine Alignment

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Company history

Marine Alignment a/s was formed in 1976 by Mr. Finn Henriksen and Mr. Hans O.W. Fischer, both at that time employees of Burmeister & Wain Shipyard in Copenhagen.

The primary business was alignment of main engines and shaft arrangements, thereof the name of the company. Secondary, the company provided naval architecture assistance to shipyards in Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

In 1985 Marine Alignment a/s got the opportunity to re-write an office based loading program to be used on an IBM compatible PC. This was the start of a new business area, which today is the core business of Marine Alignment a/s.

Today, we deliver some 80 loading and planning systems per year, not only to almost any kind of vessel, but also for planning of series of vessels from shore offices.

Mr. Hans O.W. Fischer retired in 1989 and Mr. Finn Henriksen solely owned the company until his retirement in March 2002.

Marine Alignment a/s is now owned by Mr. Henrik Monberg Carlsen, Mr. Søren Plum, Mr. Allan Petersen, Mr. Morten Sørensen and Mr. Michael D. Frederiksen, all having several years’ of employment with Marine Alignment a/s.

After 34 years in its own office building in Farum, a suburb approximately 20km north of Copenhagen, Marine Alignment a/s moved to new office facilities in April 2010, also located in Farum.

Although the product name EASEACON originates from the phrase “EASe at SEA for CONtainer vessels”, we have today made our loading software for all kind of vessels and offshore production units.

The product range comprises both ship specific versions for onboard and/or office planning, versions capable of bay planning several ships. Often owners choose to have extensive on-line communication features.

The software is continuously developed to meet our customers’ needs, latest primarily in respect of reporting and EDI communication.

The change of ownership has proven that Marine Alignment a/s is not only a solid and reliable player in the market, but also able to boost the present market position to a higher level. We knew the potential was there.