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Calculates the optimum trim and draught for your current condition

Fuel savings of up to 2% are easily obtained, - in the initial phase, save even more

All ballast solutions are checked for strength and stability

Set your own criteria of minimum GM, trim, etc.

Check savings and print reports to support fleet performance initiatives

Supports ISO 14001 compliance

Improve your ship’s charter value

Set a greener footprint

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• Full software flexibility, 
   tailor-made to your needs

• Sophisticated Danish
  quality software

• Approved by all the major
  Classification Societies  

• Rapid response

• One key contact from quote 
   to beyond guarantee expiry


Latest news

Marine Alignment is now member of Kockumation Group!

Kockumation Group AB has acquired 100% of the shares in Marine Alignment A/S. The acquisition will create the most experienced loading computer manufacturer in the world and secure the best service level for all present and new customers.

Marine Alignment will, by joining Kockumation Group, become part of a very strong and competent organization within the field of loading computer systems - as well as other systems for ships. Many synergies will be provided by joining forces. Together the two companies can offer a wider range of products and together we can develop the next generation of on-board loading computers that will be used around the globe.

The entire Marine Alignment crew is extremely proud to join Kockumation Group and we look forward to continuing the good cooperation with all our customers under the new setup.  Our software products Easeacon and FuelSaver will of course continue to be fully supported.

“We are very pleased to join Kockumation Group. The two companies have totally supplied more than 10.000 loading computer systems to ships of all kinds around the globe, so together we possess a very high level of experience and know-how in this market. That will be the perfect platform for the development of tomorrows loading computer system, and we find this perspective very exciting.” says Henrik Monberg Carlsen, CEO of Marine Alignment A/S.” We are certain, that we in the future will be able to provide even better service to our customers by becoming part of the professional organization of Kockumation Group, and furthermore we can now also offer all the other products of  Kockumation Group to our customers.”

Kockumation Group AB has its heritage in ship design/construction and is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden. The group consists of:


The product line consists of LOADMASTER® loading computers, TYFON® acoustic signal system, LEVELMASTER® level gauging systems, SHIPMASTER® cargo and ballast automation and INSONEX® sonic cleaning for marine applications. All brands with strong positions on the market.


Polarmarine offers a complete range of POLARJET® tank cleaning machines i.e. fixed machines, submerged machines and portable machines and covers Crude, Chemical, Product, Bulk and OBO carriers as well as Offshore vessels.


Texon Automation provides skilled service in control engineering and combustion process engineering. Texon Automation offers Combustion Controls, Burner Management System (BMS), Boil Off Gas (BOG) control systems and Flame Monitoring.

“Our acquisition of Marine Alignment A/S complements our overall onboard ballast and cargo packages supplied. We can now provide an even better in-house knowledge and customer service to the shipping industry. This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to offer the best loading computer, consulting services and package integration for yards, ship owners and system integrators,” says Claes Paulson, president of Kockumation Group AB. “The acquisition also adds to our capacity and geographic presence. An extremely important factor within the marine business”

If you would like to know more please contact Henrik Monberg Carlsen, CEO at or
+45 4434 0430.

Links to Kockumation Group:    Website     Press release 


Marine Alignment and Kockumation Group exhibits at SMM 2014 in Hamburg 9th - 12th September 2014

Both Marine Alignment and Kockumation Group will be present, when the SMM exhibition in Hamburg opens the doors for its 2014 edition.

Marine Alignment will be located at stand no. B1.EG.413 in the Pavilion of Denmark and you will find Kockumation Group  at stand no. B6.627.

We look forward to seeing you at our stands.

Webpage SMM 2014


Star Reefers chooses Easeacon and FuelSaver for retrofit on board 4 reefer vessels

Ship owner Star Reefers UK Ltd. has recently had 4 of their reefer vessels lengthened at BSIC Qingdao Beihai Shipyard in China. The names of the vessels are: M/V Caribbean Star, M/V Costa Rican Star, M/V Cote D’ivoirian Star and M/V Colombian Star.

The Naval Architects, Burness Corlett Three Quays (BCTQ), participated as technical consultants.

This extensive project also included replacement of the existing loading software on board the vessels.

Mr. Alex Gregg-Smith, Fleet Technical Manager of Star Reefers, made a detailed analysis of the loading software brands available on the market and after careful comparison it was decided to place the order for 4 x Easeacon incl. FuelSaver by Marine Alignment A/S.

The advanced Easeacon loading software supplied for the vessels includes modules for planning of container -, pallet - and polygon shaped break bulk cargo. A crane module has been designed for simulation of heavy lifts and the special feature F & Q diagram is also included in order to prevent the danger of broaching in following and quartering seas.

The FuelSaver module, which is based on power consumption data provided by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) makes it easy to find the optimum trim and ballast solution for minimized fuel consumption by actual loading condition and speed.

This exiting project is now close to being completed and the entire Marine Alignment team thanks Star Reefers and BCTQ very much for an excellent cooperation. 


M/V Amazon Warrior delivered from Flensburger SG with Easeacon on board

Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) has recently delivered M/V Amazon Warrior to the ship owner WesternGeco. The vessel is the first of an order for two offshore seismic sister vessels designed for seeking seabed oil and gas.

The Easeacon Loading Computer System by Marine Alignment has been selected for installation on board the two vessels. 

These vessels are of the Amazon-class, featuring the world's first custom-built hull and propulsion system, developed exclusively for seismic operations using a WesternGeco proprietary design. 

As far as efficiency, safety, reliability and durability are concerned, these vessels meet the highest of demands and support secure operation anywhere the ships operate, including the Polar Regions, even in the most inhospitable weather conditions.

The sister vessel to M/V Amazon Warrior is planned for delivery from FSG to WesternGeco later this year.

Marine Alignment congratulates the yard and owner on the delivery of M/V Amazon Warrior. 


Grimaldi Group expands the co-operation with Marine Alignment

Marine Alignment has supplied loading computer systems to the RORO, CONRO and PCC vessels of the major Italian ship owner Grimaldi Group for 17 years. Easeacon is presently installed on board more than 50 Grimaldi vessels.

The Grimaldi owned Atlantic Container Line (ACL) has now joined the co-operation with Marine Alignment. ACL has five 45.000 DWT CONRO vessels on order at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding in China for delivery in 2015. The G4 (Generation 4) design of the vessels has been engineered in Denmark and it is quite revolutionary. The vessels will be bigger, faster, greener and more efficient than the previous G3 design and they will be supplied with the Easeacon loading computer system including the FuelSaver module.

Grimaldi Group has also ordered six new 31.340 DWT CONRO vessels from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea and Marine Alignment was recently selected to supply Easeacon for these vessels too. The loading software will, as for the existing fleet, include interface to the booking system of Grimaldi Lines for Container, RORO and Break Bulk cargo. Delivery of the first two ships from the shipyard is scheduled for late 2014 and the remaining four will follow in 2015.

The Marine Alignment team is proud to be part of these two exciting newbuilding projects, and we look forward to supplying our systems to the 11 new Grimaldi group vessels.

If you are a ship owner planning for new tonnage, please remember to include Marine Alignment on makers list. And please contact us at or +45 4495 1321 for more information about the products, services and added value we can offer in connection with your newbuilding project.

Top: The revolutionary new ACL G4 design. Image courtesy of Knud E. Hansen A/S.
Below: Lead ship M/V Grande Lagos under construction at the yard in South Korea.


Easeacon and FuelSaver on board the largest container ships ever build in China

COSCO Container Lines Co., Ltd. (COSCON) has recently taken delivery of M/V COSCO SPAIN, the 5th. container ship in a series of totally 8 from NACKS shipyard. At 13.400 TEU capacity, these eco-friendly container ships are the largest ever build in China.

Marine Alignment A/S is supplying the Easeacon Loading Computer System for the 8 vessels, and to further enhance the green profile and cut fuel costs, the vessels are also equipped with the FuelSaver module.

The supply of FuelSaver to CONCON is an important milestone for Marine Alignment A/S, and we look forward to the deliveries later in 2014 for the remaining 3 ships in the series. 


Easeacon Break Bulk Lashing feature

Easeacon Break Bulk Lashing is a calculation tool for evaluation of securing arrangements for break bulk items. It is an (optional) integrated feature in the Easeacon Loading Computer System.

Easeacon Break Bulk Lashing calculates accelerations and balance of forces in semi- and non-standardized lashing arrangements in accordance with Annex 13 to the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (the CSS code) from IMO.

The calculations are performed according to the ‘Advanced Calculation Method’ (CS = MSL/1,5)

By right-clicking on a break bulk item in Easeacon, the ‘Cargo Securing Editor’ for that item can be opened in a separate window.

The ship and cargo details will be entered automatically, and the user can manually enter the details of the transverse and longitudinal lashings applied.

The system will calculate the forces for the break bulk item (transverse sliding/tipping + longitudinal sliding) and inform the results in details as well as with a ‘Lashing OK’ (green) or ‘Lashing NOT OK’ (red) indicator field.

The results for the particular break bulk item will be presented in a report which can be printed or saved in pdf format.

It is also possible to check all the cargo securing arrangements on board by running the ‘Break Bulk Cargo Securing Report’. This facility is particularly useful if the loading condition of the vessel has changed (i.e. higher GM).

If you are interested in more information, please send an email to or call us at +45 4495 1321. 


New Easeacon LC/RSCS Container Lashing module is now approved by GL

The LC (Lashing Computer for unrestricted service) and RSCS (Route Specific Container Stowage) notations were recently introduced by GL (Germanischer Lloyd). Marine Alignment’s new Easeacon LC/RSCS Container Lashing module ensures that all GL classed container vessels equipped with Easeacon Loading Computer System can benefit from the new GL notations.

Marine Alignment has implemented the new LC/RSCS Container Lashing module on 8 Rickmers Shipmanagement 13.100 TEU container vessels, all of which are on charter to Maersk Line.

M/V Maersk Elba was the first of the 8 vessels to receive the GL approval certificate. This took place at a ceremony in Hamburg attended by representatives of Rickmers Shipmanagement, Germanischer Lloyd and Marine Alignment.

The new GL notations offer several advantages. The LC notation, based on modified rules, provides increased stowage flexibility for unrestricted service along all routes.

With the RSCS notation however, GL is the first classification society to develop a class notation that allows for Route Specific Container Stowage.  

Previously, all ships had to comply with stowage and lashing rules based on wave and wind load schemes of the harsh North Atlantic waters, in spite of operating in a calmer region. These rules reduced the flexibility for the ship planners and also prevented optimal utilization when it came to loading the vessel due to weight and stowage restrictions.  

The new RSCS notation makes it possible for ship owners and operators to tailor make a solution based on the actual routes operated. This ensures that loading capacity and flexibility are being optimized and that profitability increases. More and heavier containers can be loaded on specific routes and last minute cargo changes can be handled without having to re-stow containers due to weight restrictions, thereby reducing turnaround time in port.

10 standard routes are available from GL, and individual routes are offered upon request.  

How do you get LC/RSCS if you have a GL classed container vessel with Easeacon onboard?

First you request a LC/RSCS notation from GL for the relevant route(s). This requires an update of the existing cargo securing manual.  When this is in place, Marine Alignment can implement the LC/RSCS Container Lashing module in the Easeacon loading software of the vessel.  The updated software must finally be approved by GL.

If you are interested in more information, please send an email to or call us at +45 4495 1321.


Successful opening of Marintec China 2013 for Marine Alignment

Marintec China opened its doors on 03-12-2013 and Marine Alignment had many visitors at our stand from the beginning.

Mr. Henrik Monberg Carlsen, CEO of Marine Alignment A/S and Mr. Yang Xuehong + Mr. Miao Chuan of our Chinese distributor Greatec Marine Co., Ltd. are staffing our stand.

Visitors showed great interest in the latest versions of Easeacon and FuelSaver.

If you are going to Marintec China 2013, please visit us at stand no. N1D61-11 in the Pavilion of Denmark. 


Marine Alignment co-sponsors energy efficiency conference.

The conference 'Optimization of the energy consumption - new buildings and existing vessels' arranged by 'The Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering' was held in Copenhagen on 28/10 - 2013. Marine Alignment participated as co-sponsor of the event.
The conference was attended by approx. 100 delegates from many different parts of the shipping industry.
Marine Alignment displayed the FuelSaver software on-screen at our stand in the exhibition area, and visitors were impressed with the functionality and fuel saving potential of the software. 


Marine Alignment exhibits at Marintec China in Shanghai 3rd - 6th December 2013

Visit us at stand no. N1D61-11 in the Pavilion of Denmark and discover how you can benefit from our 30 years of excellence in cargo planning.
At the exhibition we shall present the latest exiting innovations of the Easeacon Loading Computer System and the FuelSaver Trim/Ballast Optimization Software.
We look forward to seeing you at our stand! 

Webpage Marintec China 2013


FuelSaver provides remarkable savings for Lauritzen Kosan

Lauritzen Kosan has recently installed the FuelSaver module from Marine Alignment onboard 9 of their LPG vessels. The feedback from the Danish ship owner is extremely positive.

”We installed the FuelSaver software from Marine Alignment on our six 8000 cbm LPG vessels a few months ago. The feedback from the vessels has been very positive. The first results show even higher fuel savings than expected, and if this continues the investment will be returned within few months. This even though, the Easeacon loading computer system onboard these vessels already had the opti-trim facility installed. Due to the success on the first vessels, we have now also installed FuelSaver on our three 9000 cbm LPG vessels. These vessels had another loading computer brand, which we replaced with Easeacon at the same time. We expect that the total investment in FuelSaver + Easeacon also will be very profitable. FuelSaver both encourages and helps the crew to get the most out of the expensive fuel."

Henrik Ahrenst
Naval Architect, Projects, Fleet Management at Lauritzen Kosan 


New amendment to the IMDG regulations

To help Easeacon users comply, we have released an important update of the IMDG module in Easeacon for Container Ships.

Amendment 36-12 to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) may be used from 1st January 2013 (subject to national administration adoption) and it becomes mandatory from 1st January 2014.

The new regulations include new UN Numbers up to 3506 and some new packing instructions, as well as many detailed changes to the chapters and the Dangerous Goods List entries.

In order to secure compliance with the new regulations is it now time to update the IMDG module of the Easeacon Loading Computer System onboard your container ship(s).

Marine Alignment A/S offers two different update possibilities:

  • Service Agreement with regular updates and many associated advantages
  • One-time update

It is possible to switch between IMDG check against Amendment 35-10 and the new 36-12 in the updated version of the IMDG module in Easeacon. This new feature improves flexibility in the time period from installation until the 1st of January 2014 when Amendment 36-12 becomes mandatory.Please feel free to contact us for further details. 


Much more than conventional trim optimization

FuelSaver is a software tool that can improve your business by reducing the fuel consumption due to trim optimization. As opposed to conventional trim optimization it will not suggest a theoretical solution. FuelSaver will specify an actual ballast solution to achieve the optimum obtainable trim/draught, based on the specific loading condition/speed of the vessel and with validation of strength/stability. The result is minimized fuel consumption and minimized emissions.

Please click link below to view the diagram 

Download PDF diagram


Around the world in 30 years

Marine Alignment, headquartered in Denmark, has always focused on the international market, with agents and offices in places such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Germany.

We entered the global market over 30 years ago when working with an agent for the Italian Fincantieri. This relationship helped build contacts in the industry that last to this day. Marine Alignment is still assisting the largest shipping lines in Italy like the Grimaldi Group and Ignazio Messina & C.

Many years ago, another collaboration began when representatives from Marine Alignment were returning to Denmark after a conference in Germany, and decided to knock on the doors of Hamburg Süd. They answered the door, and many years later, this collaboration, along with many other partners in SMDG, led to the creation of the data exchange format known today as BAPLIE.

The BAPLIE message is a widely used EDIFACT message in the shipping industry. It is used by and between various parties to advise the stowage position and other information of the containers onboard a vessel.

Many of our employees are experts such as Naval Architects and Navigators. With the support of experienced, inhouse IT resources, they create the software, install it on the vessels, and make sure the crew is well trained in the use of the software. More importantly, the team ensures that all systems are supported and communicating correctly with other systems onboard, and they coordinate with the Class Surveyor to obtain the onboard approval.

Our software is, of course, approved by the major international classification societies:

  • Lloyds Register
  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Registro Italiano Navale
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Class NK

The composition of the team is a crucial part of the strategy of always being able to further develop the software systems, and to be able to adapt the software to the changing requirements of the vessels and the challenges faced in the maritime world.

For example, Marine Alignment recently delivered Easeacon for several wind turbine installation vessels that required very specific calculations and updates to make the pre-planning and the daily work onboard more efficient.

The international relations are a driving force at Marine Alignment, and we thrive on being part of the ever changing world of maritime technology. It’s still exciting to witness a new generation of vessels and see what challenges they face in the future.

Our dream is to continue to develop sound and reliable solutions for our clients. We will always think outside the box and be innovative in our approach to find the correct answers, just as it all started 30 years ago when we created the first Easeacon and just like today with our FuelSaver software.
The FuelSaver software not only helps  shipowners reduce their fuel consumption and save money, it also helps reduce the C02 emissions and helps protect the environment.

We bring solutions to the table and we will always go the extra mile to help our growing list of international clients. We always have, and we always will.


FuelSaver: Saving millions with the right tool

Marine Alignment’s FuelSaver module is probably the best investment for your vessel fleet. Through optimization routines you can cut your fuel consumption by typically approx. 2% and in many cases much more! 

FuelSaver is a software tool that can improve your business by minimizing the fuel consumption based on validated trim and ballast solutions. It is developed in close cooperation with the end-users and is designed for all vessel types by giving a ballast recommendation. The main goal is to reduce fuel consumption, and subsequently save money.

The process to start saving fuel is simple. The results are achieved by analyzing a wide range of data normally obtained either through model testing (usually executed at the design stage of the ship), or through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The data can also be obtained by interfacing FuelSaver to real time data collection systems on board the ship.

Once the data has been collected, it is embedded into the FuelSaver software which is an integrated module in the Easeacon Loading Computer System made by Marine Alignment. FuelSaver can also be interfaced with other brands of Loading Computer Systems.

There are many fuel consumption reduction approaches available on the market, but Fuelsaver is one of the easiest, fastest, and most efficient measures to start reducing fuel.

The economic and environmental impact of FuelSaver can easily be assessed. A medium sized ship working 80% of the time, burning 35 tons of fuel per day, has a need for 10,220 tons of fuel per year. A 2% savings equals 204 tons of fuel, or approximately $147,000 savings for your company and over 636,000Kgs of CO2 per year… this means an ROI of 3 to 6 months.


“With Fuelsaver, you can safely adjust the trim before and during transit efficiently as speed or condition changes. This makes it possible to optimize on the go, i.e. when the ship becomes lighter as fuel is consumed” says Peter Bohé from Marine Alignment. 

 The fact that you can utilize the loading computer for this type of optimization is new, but there is no doubt that as more and more ship owners become aware of these new advances, they will begin to implement the FuelSaver system. The savings and ease of installation is overwhelming, so it’s just a question of time before most ships will be using these types of fuel saving systems.

FuelSaver is developed by the Danish company Marine Alignment which has been in the maritime market for more than 35 years. Marine Alignment’s primary product, Easeacon, is a Loading Computer System for cargo planning and calculation of strength/stability. The FuelSaver software is a fully integrated module in Easeacon, but it can also be interfaced to other Loading Computer brands. 


Easeacon on A2SEA Sea Installer

Danish wind turbine installation company, A2SEA, has recently completed their first job with the latest new building, the Sea Installer. The Sea Installer is one of the most advanced wind turbine installation vessels sailing the seas, and we’re very proud to have installed our Easeacon Loading Computer onboard this vessel.

In close cooperation with A2SEA we’re developing many new features for this highly specialized type of loading software, so that we can suit the needs in this business as well. Therefore we’re happy to announce, that A2SEA has also ordered our Easeacon system for all their existing vessels as well. 


Samskip has also chosen FuelSaver

Samskip, the main dry cargo carrier between Iceland and northern Europe has decided to update the Easeacon on their 2, Sietas built container vessels Arnafell and Helgafell with the FuelSaver module. The vessels are sailing on a tight schedule not leaving many possibilities for slow steaming. This increases the demand for tools, which can help optimize the daily running of the vessels especially, when it concerns fuel consumption. FuelSaver is doing exactly this.

OSK Shiptech, Danish consulting naval architects are providing the power consumption curves by CFD calculations. These are, together with the optimizing routines the corner stones in the Fuelsaver module. 


FuelSaver for Lauritzen Kosan

Marine Alignment has been supplying the Lauritzen Kosan fleet of LPG vessels with Easeacon loading software for years. Now, the Copenhagen based owner has decided to update the loading software on their series of 6, Korean buit, 8000 m3 LPG carriers with the FuelSaver module. For these vessels Easeacon was already from the beginning equipped with the Optitrim module, by which it was possible to estimate in which direction to trim the vessel in order to save fuel. With the new FuelSaver extension the crew onboard are able, not only to get advice on the optimum trim, but also on how to obtain it. Giving instruction on how to distribute the water ballast and at the same time ensuring that the vessels condition is safe with respect to strength and stability it will help the crew to ensure an efficient operation of the vessels. 


Easeacon for the biggest FSG newbuilding to date!

Flensburg Shipyard, FSG, has just delivered their biggest and longest vessel so far, the 208 meter roro ferry Ulusoy-14. Here at Marine Alignment A/S we are proud to have delivered our Easeacon Loading Computer Software to this vessel, and hence being a part of this milestone for the shipyard.

The vessel will be replacing old tonnage, and will be employed between Cesme and Trieste. Together with the sister vessel already under construction at FSG, these two vessels will replace the 4 older ferries, and we look forward to supply Easeacon for the next vessel, Ulusoy-15. 


Article on FuelSaver in ECONOMY TRIBUNE

During SMM Hamburg in September, the journal ECONOMY TRIBUNE interviewed the on-site representative from Marine Alignment A/S. The article is about our products in general, but with main focus on our latest development, FuelSaver.


Read the interesting article here!


FuelSaver video presentation

FuelSaver is a new software tool that can improve your business by minimizing the fuel consumption based on validated trim and ballast solutions.

With fuel savings of up to 2%, the economic and environmental impact of FuleSaver can easily be assessed.

Get the whole story and learn how much you can save on:


Danish Shipping

Horn Publishing has released the Danish Shipping directory, both as hard copy and as an on-line version.
The publication includes both historical and technological developments, as well as dealing with the commercial aspects of Danish shipping.
The book will be distributed freely at trade fairs and conference related to the shipping industry.
Of course Marine Alignment is represented with both Easeacon and FuelSaver. 

Marine Alignment on


Marintec 2011

At the Marintec 2011 show in Shanghai, both Easeacon and Fuelsaver will be on display. Traditionally, Marintec has been the Chinese shipyards opportunity to get foreign suppliers under one roof. Now, with the increasing influence on the global from Chinese shipowners, also suppliers with products supporting ship operations are targeted at the exhibition. Therefore, both Easeacon and FuelSaver will be demonstrated on the stand, and visitors can get a free estimate on the savings potential for their particular ship. We hope to see you among the many visitors at the Marine Alignment stand on the Danish Pavillon in Hall 5, booth no. 5C61-11. 


Kormarine 2011

When you do something for the first time, you'd better do it good. This first time Easeacon was on display at the Kormarine it was on two locations simultaneously; on a separate stand on the Danish pavillon, and represented by Mesco Ltd., who had their own large stand with several other products to demonstrate. At the same time, not only Easeacon was marketed, but the FuelSaver was highlighted and very well received. Although it is more targeting the ship owners, the ship yards and ship designers were also interested in the FuelSaver to make their products more attractive. 


FuelSaver introduced successfully

The first introduction of FuelSaver to the maritime market has been successful. Great interest in saving fuel has been observed, and ships which sail when not fully loaded and in ballast are natural targets for saving fuel; great savings can be made via optimized cargo planning and ballasting. Complex sailing patterns require better optimizing tools.
Several ship owners have already shown great interest in the FuelSaver, a number of FuelSaver orders have been placed and the first installations are being prepared. We expect this to be the biggest development in Easeacon's history, and certainly what will bring the greatest value most immediately to our customers.

See FuelSaver live at Kormarine 2011

Visit us at the Kormarine 2011 exhibition in Korea and watch a live demonstration of FuelSaver. You will be offered the opportunity to order a free calculation of the savings potential for your particular ship. In addition to FuelSaver, we will also be displaying the latest Easeacon software features, including AutoBallast and Extended Visibility (SOLAS MSC (99)73, Reg. 22).

The Kormarine exhibition takes place 26-29 October 2011.

You will find us at both the Danish Marine Group pavilion (booth S73) and the MESCO Ltd. stand in Hall 1 (booth G71



The first in a long series of SEAHORSE 35 handysize bulk carrier was delivered by Daoda Heavy Industries on August 26, 2011 to the Danish shipping company Falcon Rederi A/S. The M/V “Dragonera” is equipped with the Easeacon loading computer system, and will be followed by M/V “Cabrera”, also with Easeacon on board.

The SEAHORSE 35 is a new and promising design by the Danish design company “Grontmij Marine”. About 30 more vessels of this type are being built on yards around the world. It has been developed to incorporate green technology with specific focus on economic and efficient operation/maintenance, environmental friendliness, loading flexibility, safety and latest regulations for bulk carriers. The “Green ship of the Future” concept study was based on the SEAHORSE 35.

Principal dimensions
180.0m LOA
30.0m breadth
10.1m scantling draft
24,366 gross tonnage
11,521 net tonnage

Deadweight and cargo hold capacity
35,000 DWT at scantling draft
46,700 m3 total cargo capacity, grain 


New Easeacon module "FuelSaver"

During the next month we will release our latest Easeacon module "FuelSaver".

 is fully integrated in Easeacon, and based on genetic algorithms; FuelSaver saves fuel by finding a series of ballast solutions which are optimized with regards to minimizing the shaft horsepower needed to maintain a certain speed through the water.

Not only will FuelSaver give you solutions within your selected trim range, but FuelSaver will also tell you, if you can save even more fuel by allowing a different trim. 

  • All ballast solutions are checked for compliance with strength, stability etc.
  • Add your own criteria of minimum GM, trim, etc.
  • Check savings by comparing with the ship’s “before” condition
  • Print a report to support fleet performance initiatives
  • Save fuel, save money, go greener.
A saving of up to 2% each year is obtainable, and depending on the skills of the officer in charge, the savings could be even higher.

More information will follow. Keep an eye on our website during the next month. 

For more information now, please give us a call.


Donsö Tanker Meet 2011

Donsö Tanker Meet will be the place to be, on the 21st and 22nd of June 2011, if you are working with/supplying Tanker Shipping in any way.

This 2-day event offers face to face meetings of your choice, seminars all focusing on tanker shipping and TMSA related topics.

Meet us at Donsö Tanker Meet and hear more about our new Easeacon module "FuelSaver". 

For more info...


IMDG update

The latest edition of the IMDG code is now available from Storck Verlag.

The Amdt. 35-10 can be used on a voluntary basis from January 2011 but will become mandatory from January 2012. 

Update your Easeacon program and let the computer do the check.

For further information please call, fax or send us an e-mail.



RORO Shipping Conference

Marine Alignment A/S participated in the Copenhagen RORO Shipping Conference held on the 9th & 10th of March 2011. 

RORO Shipping Conference


Profile on LinkedIn

Marine Alignment A/S is now "live" on LinkedIn.



Save the Children

Again this year we have decided to support “Save the Children”
by making a donation to them, and send out electronic Christmas
cards instead of sending Christmas cards by regular mail.


See the work of "Save the Children"


AAA® rating

We are proud to announce that Marine Alignment A/S has been awarded the AAA® rating.

The AAA® rating is given to companies with a solid economy and with a very good ability to meet financial obligations.

Only 4.3% of the Danish companies have been rated AAA® this year.


Book with Easeacon reference

During the last few years Mr. Abdul Khalique has worked on a book about bulk carriers and in November 2010 the “Bulk Carrier Notes” was published by Witherby Seamanship International.

From 2003 to 2008 Mr. Abdul Khalique was working on the Shetland School of Nautical Studies as lecturer.

In March 2005 the school bought 5 Easeacon programs for tutorial purposes including Easeacon for bulk carriers. 

The Easeacon program for bulk carriers has been used as reference and several screen dumps have been used to illustrate the book. 

Buy the book here


SMM 2010

We thank all that came to see us at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg from September 7th to September 10th 2010. It was a pleasure to see so many people during the 4 days.

We shall look forward to SMM 2012.

The SMM trade fair is the largest of its kind within maritime technology and innovation, with more than 52.000 visitors and almost 2.000 exhibitors from 60 countries. 


Large container vessels with Easeacon on board

4 giant container vessels at 13,100 TEU, built at Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea, have been named and will be handed over to charterer Maersk Line over the next 2 months. The owner is Rickmers Reederei in Germany.

Pearl Rickmers, Ruby Rickmers, Aqua Rickmers and Coconee Rickmers are the first in a series of 8 and are on a 10 year charter contract. Their charter names will be Maersk Edinburgh, Maersk Emden, Maersk Eindhoven and Maersk Essen.    

Marine Alignment A/S has delivered Easeacon software to all 4 vessels.


Length (oa): 366 m

Length (bp): 350 m

Beam: 48.2 m

Depth: 29.85 m

Design draft: 14.5 m

Scantling draft: 15.5 m

Deadweight: 125,480 mt at 14 .5m,140,580 mt at 15.5 m

Containers are carried 17-wide below deck and 19-wide on the hatchcovers. The maximum capacity of each ship is 7,074TEU on deck and 6,018TEU below deck, making 13,092TEU in total. Based on a homogeneous container weight of 14 tonnes per TEU, the maximum capacity is approximately 9,080TEU. Reefer plugs are available for 800 x 40ft containers.


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