Calculates the optimum trim and draught for your current condition

Fuel savings of up to 2% are easily obtained, - in the initial phase, save even more

All ballast solutions are checked for strength and stability

Set your own criteria of minimum GM, trim, etc.

Check savings and print reports to support fleet performance initiatives

Supports ISO 14001 compliance

Improve your ship’s charter value

Set a greener footprint

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• Full software flexibility, 
   tailor-made to your needs

• Sophisticated Danish
  quality software

• Approved by all the major
  Classification Societies  

• Rapid response

• One key contact from quote 
   to beyond guarantee expiry



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Marine Alignments primary product is Easeacon.

Easeacon is both the class approved loading computer for strength and/or stability assessments, fitted with all the necessary software facilities to make the daily operations in line with your business needs, and the shore based officers' tool to monitor and ensure that the ships are operated safely and most effeciently.

Easeacon is more than just a planning tool for calculation of strength and stability. Easeacon is also a useful tool for handling, managing and planning any cargo ship; for ship planners, stevedores and the officers onboard. 

Easeacon is available with two basically different calculation philosophies; use of tabular databases, or based on the direct calculation method.

• The use of tabular databases has been the life for all loading instruments for decades. It gives a quick, reliable and reasonably accurate piece of software at very competitive prices.

• With the introduction of the direct methods, the software is able to calculate all stability data and accurately calculate equilibrium for the ship with a list, e.g. a damaged condition. 

It shall be noted that the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) has issued new Unified Requirements, UR L5. For ships contracted after July 2005, three types of stability criteria will prevail:

1. Intact stability only
2. Intact stability with check against damage stability KG limiting curve
3. Damage Stability

Which type of loading instrument shall apply, will depend on the stability requirements for the individual ship. 

With an increasing market requirement for systems that can talk to each other, Easeacon can be configured to interface with almost any other system and gathers information from both fully integrated and external databases. 

Links to IMDG codes, stowage segregation guides, ASTM tables and the suchlike allow Easeacon to accurately assess any cargo situation, allowing even last-minute decision-making. 

Easeacon interfaces tank level gauging systems, draught measuring systems and communications systems, expanding the concept of the standard of a loading computer. 

With an integrated inclining test module, Easeacon can calculate the real VCG of the ship and thereby the true stability margin before leaving port. Reading data from the anti-heeling system or inclininometer, calculations are performed automatically. Alternatively, the weight shifting data can be entered manually, if no interface can be provided onboard.

But that is not all. Easeacon is also the natural information centre. As the heart of planning and monitoring as well as strength and stability calculating, Easeacon collects all the relevant data for generating the reporting required in your day-to-day operations. Easeacon supports print, fax and e-mail. 

Continuous development and upgrading makes sure that with Easeacon you always have a market leader onboard. 


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